Hardship in Disguise: A Serenity Prayer

Hardship in Disguise: A Serenity Prayer

Our common sense tells us that if only we could solve all our problems and eliminate all hardships that we could find peace and serenity. We tend to believe the reason for our anxieties lies in situations that we have little, or no, control. That by gaining more control and solving all our problems, we could then have serenity. That’s why we struggle so hard to gain control over difficult people and impossible situations. The more you struggle with circumstances for which you have little control, the further you are from peace. That’s the problem, we’re looking for serenity in the wrong place- in circumstances rather than in our relationships with God. We will only find peace in our relationship with God, who is already in control of everything.

We will never have control over all the challenges we experience in life. Accepting hardship is the best way to find peace, because it teaches us who to trust, rather than trusting too much in our OWN ability to solve all of our problems. We need to stop looking at hardship as a barrier to serenity. We should not be aiming at the quick alleviation of all our problems, because that will never happen. Instead, we should be thanking God for hardships and challenges, and then accepting them. Hardship is God’s way of teaching us serenity; the pathway to peace that we’re on.

Think about it this way.

Have you ever tried hiking up the mountains or taking a bike ride through the woods? Everyone probably understands the importance of staying on the trails during these adventures right? It’s these paths that keep us from getting lost, so we can arrive safely at the end of our trip. At times they can be steep and difficult to follow, and there could be points when you feel completely lost- like you must have made a wrong turn somewhere. If you allow yourself to have faith in whoever made the trail you’re on and know that if you keep following it, rather than trying to find an easier way around-you’ll eventually come out at a beautiful place. Hardship is like that. It’s our way through the unknown wilderness, so we don’t get lost. Once you accept that the hike may be difficult and stop complaining, look up- you’ll find yourself in awe at the breathtaking scenery along the way.

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