Don’t Let Fear be A Deciding Factor for Your New Life in Recovery

Don’t Let Fear be A Deciding Factor for Your New Life in Recovery

There is more than one way to get clean and sober. I’m talking about facing your fears and challenging your comfort zones here people.

Imagine this… you are looking for success, and you look at your options, there are two clear paths in front of you. You fear Path A as being the difficult path, because it requires bravery, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and seems more likely to end in failure. Just the prospect of following this path terrifies you. Whereas, Path B is the easy, safe, option… you could follow this path in your sleep.

Which path do you take?

We all would like to believe we would go with path A, we imagine ourselves as brave- able to do anything, but if we are being honest, the reality is that most of us would go for the easier path B. I see this every day, and I am guilty of it too… staying within our comfort zones, drifting from hour to hour like a zombie on autopilot. If you think about it, living outside our comfort zone  could be considered a part of addiction recovery. You are making new choices, replacing behaviors, countering thoughts, and all of that is outside your comfort zone. Recovery is all about challenging our comfort zone to have a better life, free from the confines and prison of an addiction.

AND THEN, there’s the fear of failure. Fears can often take over when you are in the middle of a flashback, a triggering situation, and you feel out of control and uncertain you will be able to do the “right” thing for your recovery. There are some feelings you will want to run from, where you feel fear, and uncomfortable with most. These are the feelings where you need to be most kind, loving, and patient with yourself. Fears do not have to be the deciding factor anymore in your life. You can choose to recognize them for what they are, and what they are not. I personally witnessed several loved ones challenge countless fears and challenges along the road in recovery, and this is simply not going to change. I’ve seen them fight their fears, and challenge themselves. Their dreams, passions, and goals were worth it.

YOUR dreams, passions and goals are worth it because you and your recovery from an addiction is worth it. Addiction recovery is all about challenging your comfort zone, facing your fears to have a better life. Never give up challenging yourself, and having patience and kindness when facing new fears. Every day is a new day, full of new experiences. Face them with a clean slate, a new desire to fight for the life you want, because you are worth it.


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