Forgiveness is the Key to Freedom

Forgiveness is the Key to Freedom

Learning to Love Again

Have any of you found yourself thinking, “there’s no way I can ever forgive him?” Yes, you’ve been hurt and the pain is unbearable. You probably think you’ll never forget and you’ll never forgive. But, not wanting to offer your forgiveness, or not being able to will cause you suffering that won’t diminish over time like a memory can. These feelings are capable of filling you with even further bitterness and intolerance.

Finding forgiveness is a healing process that occurs over time. Whatever your situation, however deep your pain-forgiveness is essential to your healing. It is a journey over many years requiring patience, determination and courage, and of course there will be many instances where you’ll be let down. Even though this path proves itself to be exceptionally difficult at times, finding forgiveness is always the right way to bring meaning and closure to difficult situations. Forgiveness is not a form of acceptance or surrender. Have you ever replayed an event over and over in your mind?  Have you driven yourself half crazy doing it? Has thinking about it left you feeling depressed, frustrated and emotionally exhausted?

You need to let it go because forgiveness is the key to freedom

Remember that forgiveness is not to be confused with allowing the offender to ‘get away with it’ and it doesn’t mean you should not express your grief and upset. It means you’re willing to move beyond your vulnerability  and let go of the negativity that’s holding your emotions hostage. Finding forgiveness will release you to live the life as the person you were meant to be-not as a person held captive by the actions and words of someone else. Reclaiming your spirit of compassion will release your body, mind and soul.


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