Relapse Prevention: Learning to cope the healthy way

Relapse Prevention: Learning to cope the healthy way

Reminder that recovery does not mean staying so busy that you don’t think about triggering things. Recovery isn’t just avoiding situations because they might trip you up. Recovery isn’t about keeping yourself on a short leash to make sure you don’t relapse. Recovery is about discovering yourself and understanding who you are and how you think in order to cope with the world around you.

Can I ever Be Happy without Drugs or Alcohol?

The answer is yes. Recovery is about uncovering why you felt the need to drown out your mind with drugs and alcohol for so long in the first place. Recovery is about learning how to cope with the world around you in a healthy way. It’s learning how to live without relying on a substance as a crutch. Recovery is about reinventing yourself and becoming happier and stronger and more incredible than you ever imagined.

This process isn’t a straight path. It’s a road full of bumps and twists. It’s a lot of hard work. It’s saying yes to things that scare you and saying no to things that once helped you cope with hardship. It doesn’t happen overnight and maybe in the beginning you will need to keep yourself on a short leash, but PLEASE don’t think that’s just how your life will be now. Go out and learn something new and meet new people. Embrace recovery and the second chance you’ve been given, because hardships often turn out to be blessings in disguise. It might not seem like it now, but you are worth the fight.

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