There is No Weakness in Surrendering to A Higher Power

There is No Weakness in Surrendering to A Higher Power

What’s left when all else fails? When no amount of willpower, brainpower, or personal effort can help you overcome life’s curve balls?

Turn the weakness you feel now, into strength for your future.

If you’ve been brought to your knees by alcohol or drugs, you’re already in an appropriate position for prayer. Surrender is inevitable, because as an addict, you’ve already surrendered to the drug and its consequences. Fortunately, surrendering to your higher power is an available alternative. Believing that “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again,” and “I can handle this on my own” or “It’s really not that bad” will ultimately lead you to disastrous experiences. Maintaining these thought processes as an addict, in a sense, will place you as passenger in a car whose driver is asleep at the wheel.

Surrendering is NOT a sign of weakness, it is a source of strength in recovery.

When you live your life motivated by self-centered needs and desires, by fear that you’ll lose what you cherish or won’t get what you think you need or deserve, you’ll find yourself frustrated at every turn. You have placed yourself in an opposing relationship with the world and its people, and you’ll find yourself cut off from the sunlight of your higher power.

The stark reality is that drug and alcohol addiction is an abandonment of the self, so to choose your higher power as the object of surrender can be seen as the intelligent choice. You’ll learn how to stop blaming others and face what is really going on. And it is in the abandonment that you find real power, the power to live life on life’s terms, to deal courageously with your problems, to live in harmony with others, right any wrongs and repair the damage you’ve created in the past. Gaining access to this new power will release you from your addiction, free you from your self-centered fear, and bring you a new found happiness and sense of purpose in life.


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