When Nothing Goes Right, Why Not Go Left?

When Nothing Goes Right, Why Not Go Left?

This week has been rough. Today I fell down the stairs and managed to drop my phone in the toilet. The other day I shattered my phone screen and stubbed my toe on the corner of my bed, oh and did I mention my pants ripped in the middle of my shift at work?  In a single day I managed to spill a coffee, lose my license and burn myself- among other things. This is no joke. I’m usually spiritually open/intuitive but now I’m clumsy, accident prone, anxious etc. I feel like something or someone is causing this, but it’s not. But I have to realize it’ts not “bad luck.” We create our luck. I mean if you think you are lucky, you will be lucky, same for unlucky. When you think you are unlucky you notice more easily bad events.

The same goes for those struggling throughout their journey to sobriety. Attaining peace and serenity in sobriety isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely easier when life is going smoothly than it is during difficult or challenging times. At some point in your sobriety, you will have to deal with situations that feel overwhelming or painful. When you experience the worst of times, or even small bumps in the road, you may think that you can’t possibly get through them. As a recovering addict or alcoholic, you may intensely experience the urge to pick up a drink or a drug. When we mistakenly assume these events are created or sustained due to “bad luck,” we adopt a victim mentality. Unfortunately, this affects those around us as well as our relationship with ourselves- it is not productive, nor positive. With this mindset, we feel less control over ourselves.

If you constantly see yourself as a victim, you are less likely to take chances, change your circumstances, and continue living in patterns that are not conducive to building a happy life, a fulfilling life. Rather than focusing on what you don’t have or what “bad luck” you have experienced lately, look at everything you do have. Take a moment to see what you have learned from these experiences. Think of all that you have to be grateful for and often times your focus will be on the positive not the negative. Although these thinking patterns are hard to break, just taking a small step towards a new path can really help to increase your mood and your positive energy.

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