Would you pick up the phone to save a drunk driver?

Would you pick up the phone to save a drunk driver?

I’d like to think that I potentially saved someones life today. In a split second decision, I dialed 911 to report a reckless, swerving vehicle for suspected drunk driving. I was later notified that both the car and it’s driver were safely removed from streets shortly thereafter.

Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of car accident related deaths in the U.S and everyone knows drunk driving is a BAD THING, but many don’t realize the full scope of the problem. It’s important to understand that drunk driving is a wide-spread, far-reaching problem, and that it will likely touch all us at some point in our lives. While many will get away driving drunk hundreds of times without consequences, it only takes one time to change lives forever. When these drivers are on the roads, they put our friends and loved ones in harms way.

After reading up on drunk driving and current statistics in my state, and honestly, I’m at a loss for words. Would you believe me if I told you that someone is killed by a drunk driver every 39 minutes- that’s nearly 40 people EVERY SINGLE DAY. Or that Someone is injured in an alcohol-related crash nearly every minute? How is it possible that these accidents involving alcohol are capable of injuring 1,140 people EVERY SINGLE DAY? It’s mind blowing. But wait, there’s more, how do you feel about Alcohol-related crashes costing our country an average of $114 billion annually? Do any of these stats surprise and/or terrify you? Because they SHOCKED me.

It’s true, I’m sure everyone wants these statistics on drunk driving to improve, but what are you doing to contribute? If you pledge to never drink and operate a vehicle you’ve done more than a significant portion of the population has thus far. From there, do yourself and others a favor by reporting any suspected drunk drivers on the road-it’s as simple as picking up the phone. Drunk driving accidents are dangerous and 100% preventable.  If you suspect an impaired driver, simply dialing 911 and reporting the model of the car, the drivers behaviors and relative location which they are headed, can honestly save lives. I genuinely believe this was the case in my encounter this evening.

Way too many lives are taken in impaired driving crashes, affecting not only those in the crashes but all of their families and friends as well. While we can put a number on the financial and social costs of impaired driving, it is impossible to quantify the loss and grief caused by this violent crime. For those who have lost loved ones to drunk driving, like myself, you all understand the utter devastation. Reporting instances of drunk driving not only serves to protect others on the road, but can also save the life of someone behind the wheel of a swerving vehicle. These individuals may be struggling with an addiction and in the long run, could greatly benefit from your good merit.

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